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Use StreetSafe if you feel unsafe this festive period.

If you find you feel unsafe in an area this Christmas, don’t forget you can report it to us using the StreetSafe tool on our website.


The tool was launched in September across England and Wales as a pilot for three months.

It enables members of the public to anonymously pinpoint public places on a map where they have felt/feel unsafe and identify environmental or behavioural factors about those locations that make them feel this way.

Since its launch there have been over 8,000 reports submitted by the public, averaging at 50 reports daily, with 72% of reports from women.

Following this success, Home Office Ministers have announced the extension of the pilot to the end of the financial year.

Your reports can make a real difference.

You can use StreetSafe to map specific locations that have made them feel unsafe and explain why – regardless of whether a crime has occurred.

Reports will then be looked at and sent to the agency which is based placed to deal with each issue, for example badly lit areas would be passed to the local authority for the attention of their street lighting team.

Please note you should still use the usual methods to report a crime to us, but use StreetSafe to tell us how an area’s safety could be improved.

You can find the StreetSafe reporting tool at: https://www.derbyshire.police.uk/notices/street-safe/street-safe/

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