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Stay safe & well this winter.

As winter approaches and we all start spending a bit more time indoors, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service would like to ask people to complete a DIY Safe & Well Check on their home to help keep them safe.

Having been recently updated, the DIY Safe & Well Check is a simple online form that asks a series of questions to determine any potential fire risks within the home, and then offers advice to minimise them.

Station Manager Ian Snodgrass said: “As the nights get darker, we all naturally start to spend more time indoors, but with this can come additional fie risks; whether it be by cosying up in an evening with the fire on and candles lit or using the tumble dryer more often than the summer months, they all come with added risk.

“We hope by making the DIY Safe & Well quick and easy, it’ll help people become more aware of the risks in their home and what they can do to minimise them, as well as making sure they know what to do if an accident was to happen.”

The DIY Safe & Well Check is also a valuable tool to help protect those who may be more vulnerable, so if you have a friend, relative or neighbour who may need assistance with completing the check please help them do so, it could help them prevent an accident from happening.

To complete a DIY Safe & Well Check, or to find out more about fire safety in the home, please visit our website.

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