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Speed limits on the road between Chesterfield and Sheffield reduced

New lower speed limits will come into force along a busy commuter road between Chesterfield and Sheffield – despite some  motorists saying the move is unnecessary.

Derbyshire County Council is reducing the speed limit in three key areas along the B6057, which runs through Unstone and Dronfield, from Thursday (August 25).

The 40mph speed limits will become 30mph on the B6057 Sheffield Road, at Dronfield, from a point 32m north of Snape Hill Lane to where it meets the A61 roundabout, and Broombank Road, in Chesterfield, from its junction with Sheepbridge Lane north to a point 615m south of its junction with Cheetham Avenue.

Likewise the B6057 Sheffield Road, at Unstone, will become 40mph from a point 615m south of its junction with Cheetham Avenue to a point 97m south of the same junction.

A report into the matter stated that officers reviewed the speed limits on the B road around the Sandpiper Hotel, New Whittington, and Bowshaw following a series of ‘historical requests’ from members of the public.

After surveying collision data, they found one minor accident had taken place in both locations between April 1 2017 and March 31 2022, and one serious accident had taken place at Bowshaw.

Twenty-one people took part in a public consultation over the proposals, with five objectors.

One respondent commented in reference to Sheffield Road, Dronfield: “There has not been any major incident or accident as evidence that this stretch of road poses a danger.”

They continued: “This is one of a few vital roads to service the entry and exit of Dronfield, reducing this limit is not required.

“This road already has an increase in congestion due to poor planning on the Unstone route where traffic builds up more at peak times so the bypass has become more convenient.”

Another objector said the reduction in speed limit at Bowshaw would encourage people to park their cars there, causing bottlenecks on the busy route.

They added: “The other issue with excessive parking on that road by residents is that it would cause bottlenecks (which I think both will occur if the speed limit is reduced) bearing in mind it is the only road into Dronfield for high lorries to use.”

Another person commented that the current 40mph speed limit at Bowshaw reflected the nature of the road and kept traffic ‘moving smoothly’.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council said: “These changes are being made after we reviewed the B6057 from Unstone down to the Bowshaw roundabout. 

“We periodically do this for all roads in the county, just to check that they meet the national guidance on speed limits. 

“Sometimes we find that roads need some speed limits adjusting to meet the national guidance, and that is what has happened in this case.”

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