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Police investigating alleged drugs ring arrest 24 people and seize significant amount of cash and cocaine.

Officers investigating an alleged drugs ring have arrested 24 people across the country and executed 30 warrants.

Twelve of those arrested have now been charged with offences relating to the production and supply of class A and B drugs and appeared at court while the others have been released on bail while inquires continue.

Officers from force’s Specialist Crime Unit investigating the alleged drugs ring led a series of raids on houses across Derbyshire, London, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, and Staffordshire.

During the operation, officers also recovered significant amounts of class A cocaine, dismantled three cannabis grows and seized a large amount of cash.

The production of cannabis in residential streets can have devastating consequences. There are some tell-tale signs that can give away the location of a grow which everyone should be on the lookout for:

Signs to spot for a property being used to cultivate drugs:

  • A powerful distinctive sweet, sickly aroma
  • Frequent visitors throughout the day and night
  • Blacked out windows
  • Chinks of bright light throughout the night
  • Birds gathering on the roof, particularly in cold weather
  • In winter, snow melting unusually quickly on the roof
  • High levels of condensation on windows
  • Noise from fans
  • Large amounts of rubbish, including compost bags
  • Electricity meter being tampered with/altered and new cabling, sometimes leading to street lighting.

If you have any information about the growing of cannabis in your area you contact Derbyshire police at any time, in confidence, using any of the below methods.

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