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Man jailed after setting fire to his Brimington flat

A man has been jailed for setting fire to his flat in Brimington, Chesterfield, and putting others in danger.

Angel Fury was sentenced to five years in prison after he pleaded not guilty to the offence which took place back in June 2021.

Two other people had also been in their own flats in the same block on Lansdowne Road, but they managed to get out safely after they were alerted by a passer-by who had seen smoke coming from a window.

Fury also managed to escape by jumping out of a window, after neighbours put a ladder to his window.

Firefighters attended and put out the blaze and following investigation it was discovered that the main fire had been started in the living room of the property, and there had been a second separate fire in the bedroom.

The damage caused to the building was considered so extensive that it was deemed to be uninhabitable, and residents had not yet been able to move back home.

It is thought Fury had been under the influence of alcohol at the time and had drunk around a litre of brandy and six litres of strong cider.

Detective Constable Tony Hayes was the officer in charge of the case. He said: “Fury’s actions were completely reckless and endangered the lives of other residents and people trying to help.

“It was very fortunate that no one was seriously injured, and thanks to neighbours and a passer-by who were able to alert all those in the building who were in danger.”

Fire Investigating Officer, Group Manager Darren Perrott said: “This was a serious fire that required a significant emergency service response. This underlines the severity of Fury’s reckless action that put the lives of others in danger.

“The joint police and fire investigation was able to establish the exact cause and circumstances of the fire leading to this successful prosecution.”

Fury was found guilty and remanded to prison following a trial at Derby Crown Court in December.

In addition to the five-year custodial sentence, the court added an extended three-year licence at the sentencing hearing on Thursday 3 February.

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