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It’s your council so have your say in new 2021 residents’ survey

Residents are being encouraged to take part in a wide-ranging survey asking for their views on our services and how its budget should be prioritised for the year ahead.

The annual Your Council Your Voice survey is launched today (Monday 18 October) and, as in previous years, thousands of Derbyshire residents are expected to take part and give their views on a number of topics related to the council.

The survey is an opportunity for any Derbyshire resident to tell the council what they think about the services they use, how satisfied they are with them and which ones they think are most important and why.

The survey also asks residents whether the covid-19 pandemic has changed their opinion of the council and the services it provides, and if it has had an impact on their satisfaction with the way the authority runs things.

Council Leader Councillor Barry Lewis launched the 2021 survey saying that it was as important as ever that people took part and gave their views.

Councillor Lewis said:

“Last year was a challenging year, and many of those challenges remain, not only for Derbyshire residents and businesses, but for the council as well.

“However, it is really important that we look to the future and continue to drive forward the county’s Covid recovery, economically and socially, using the £15m Covid Recovery Fund wisely and where it’s needed most.

“We have achieved a balanced budget in a robust and planned manner, and it is important we continue to invest in certain critical areas. However, savings of over £70m must still be achieved over the medium term, and as an enterprising council we continue to look at ways to save money and generate income while working hard to protect and deliver services that meet the needs of our residents.

“We’re calling on our residents to take the time to fill in the survey and help us to shape the council, our services and how we spend the budget for the year ahead.

“We need people to give their views so we can get things right and ensure everything we do gives the best value for money and benefits Derbyshire households, businesses and communities.”

The survey itself is divided into clear sections making it straightforward to complete.

One of the main sections asks questions about our budget, asking people to give their views on which services should be prioritised when it comes to spending for 2022-23 and which areas they think should not.

People are asked to list their top and bottom 3 priorities from a list of council services, with an opportunity to give additional information about why they have ranked services as high or low priority

Other topics covered include asking people how satisfied they are with where they live, if they are proud of Derbyshire and if they think it is a safe place to live.

People are also asked if they are involved in any organisations or groups, whether they offer help and support to others as a volunteer and if they feel supported and know where to get advice and support.

Ideas for saving money and raising additional revenue are also areas covered, with the opportunity for participants to give suggestions.

The survey runs until Sunday 28 November.

Papers copies are available on request by ringing Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190.

Those taking part will get the opportunity to enter a prize draw with 1 person winning £100 of shopping vouchers.

Our Cabinet will consider the survey responses relating to the budget, along with budget proposals, at a meeting in early 2022.

Derbyshire residents will be given the chance to have their say about individual proposals which may affect them after decisions have been made about the overall budget.

Responses relating to non-budget issues in the survey will be used to help shape and improve council services in the year ahead.

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