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Derbyshire’s unmarked HGV returned to the roads tackling unsafe road users

In January, the force received Highways England’s unmarked HGV tractor unit to utilise throughout the year, with the aim to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads.

After the successful result from the initial launch of Op Tramline in Derbyshire, a further week-long enforcement operation, aimed at improving driver behaviour and to reduce incidents on the roads by unsafe drivers, took place earlier this month.

Between 01-05 March 2021 a total of 138 offences were recorded across the county. Top violations included 6 drivers being found to have no licence, 5 with a lack of insurance, 11 drivers using mobile phones whilst behind the wheel and 9 drivers were found not to be in proper control of their vehicles. Multiple vehicles were being driven in a dangerous condition or with defects and at our static service station check-sites many commercial and heavy goods vehicles had insecure loads or were over the legal weight limit. From the tireless work in this intensive operation, 7 vehicles have now been removed from our roads and 8 prohibitions were issued due to vehicle roadworthiness.

Utilising unmarked HGVs can provide officers with an elevated view, which can help in identifying dangerous road users, that could be missed in standard patrol vehicles. Officers drive alongside vehicles in the tractor unit, recording any unsafe driving behaviour and alerting our Roads Policing Unit, who then pull over the offending drivers.

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