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Derbyshire police work with shopkeepers to prevent under-age knife sales.

Derbyshire Police have been working with shopkeepers across the county to prevent the sales of knives to young people.

The Safer Neighbourhood teams (SNT) have been visiting shops and delivering posters and a guide to selling, storing and displaying knives, reminding them of their legal obligations.

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The work is being undertaken as part of Project Zao, our work with partners, to reduce knife crime in Derbyshire and along with Operation Sceptre, the national week of intensification in the fight against knife crime.

On Wednesday, 28 April officers from Matlock SNT, visited shops in the town, delivered the leaflets and had a conversation to ensure they were aware of their legal implications.

The work we complete throughout the year with Project Zao is a mixture of education, enforcement and prevention.

This action is educational, reminding shopkeepers of their legal obligations in terms of sales to young people, however we will not hesitate to take action with our partners in trading standards to take action if we suspect that these obligations are not being fulfilled.

It is illegal to sell a knife to anyone who is under the age of 18.

If you are a shopkeeper and have not yet received your pack and would like to receive one, please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood by using any of the following methods:


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