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Derbyshire police join anti-knife crime campaign along with forces across the UK.

Operation Sceptre is described as a ‘national week of intensification’ in the fight against knife crime and Derbyshire Constabulary say they will be highlighting the work they do to rid the county of illegal and dangerous weapons over the next seven days.

While some of the campaign will ‘not be so publicly obvious’ the force have explained, they warned residents in Derbyshire that they may see officers conducting sweeps of public places in the hunt to find people carrying knifes and recover them.

The week of action also focuses on how officers work with councils in Derbyshire and schools to educate children on the dangers of carrying a knife.

Superintendent Sarah McAughtrie, who is the operational lead for knife crime across the county said: “In Derbyshire we work tirelessly to reduce serious violence and knife crime all year round through our Project Zao, during this week we will be working together to do even more.

“We want the young people of the county to feel safe when they go out and to understand that carrying a knife brings with it more risk than protection.

“We work closely with local authorities and schools to educate young people about the dangers of knife crime.

“The ‘drop the knife’ campaign works with those at risk of becoming involved to divert them to a better life by explaining the serious consequences that carrying a knife can have and the tragedy that can occur as a result.

“Our children deserve to thrive and shouldn’t be exposed to the devastation that the carrying of weapons bring.

“We also need the public to help us by looking out for each other and telling us if they have concerns about an individual who they believe may be considering carrying a weapon or actually doing so.

“We can act on that information to make sure everyone is equipped with the information to make the right decisions, decisions that can have a huge impact on their future.

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