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Derbyshire Police have new Special Constables.

On Thursday 23 September, 13 Special Constables were sworn in at an attestation at police and fire headquarters in Ripley.

The students were joined by Assistant Chief Constable Michelle Shooter, Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster, Special Chief Inspector Arron Kirkham, their trainers Constable Jane Clemson-Blythe and Constable Simon O’Connor, Justice of the Peace Paul Barker, as well their friends and families who joined them via Teams.

As well as their commitment to the force, many of the Specials are studying at University of Derby in a range of subjects including Law, Business Management, Criminology, Professional Policing, Policing and Investigations, and Security and Offender Management. As well as their studies, some also have part-time jobs and one has a career as a Laboratory Technician in the textiles industry.

On top of completing their degrees and volunteering for us, Alfie Smith and Johal Arvin also volunteer for charities and other organisations, Arvin was awarded the Derby Youth Volunteer Award 2020 and in addition to this, he is an active member in many university societies and is also a Unibuddy Ambassador.

Constable Jane Clemson-Blythe said “I am impressed by the dedication and commitment of these individuals who have given up their own time to learn to become a Special Constable and to serve the community in which we live. They have had to balance their personal and current work commitments alongside this demanding role. I am extremely proud of each and every one of them. I wish them every success in their forth coming careers as Specials”

Special Chief Inspector Arron Kirkham said: “I am always extremely humbled to see the dedication and commitment my colleagues show to support the communities of Derbyshire. Whatever their background, the skills and experience they bring cannot have a monetary value placed upon it. To the new officers and our fellow colleagues already serving I would like to say Thank You.”

“If I could say anything to anyone who is thinking of becoming a Special Constable is don’t think about it – just join! It is a hugely fun and challenging role that has a positive effect on your local community. The sense of pride when you put on your uniform is unbelievable and I still get that same feeling from the first day I became a Special Constable to now. There will be hard times but when you are a Special Constable you become part of that policing family and your friends and colleagues will help support you, along with the force as a whole.”

This group of Special Constables will be volunteering in areas such as Cotton Lane, Ilkeston, Matlock, Peartree, Ripley, and St. Mary’s Wharf.

Lastly, we would like to thank them all for joining our police force and wish them the very best of luck in the future!

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