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Carol Smillie talks to North Derbyshire Radio about the pressures on modern day women.

Carol Smillie talks to North Derbyshire Radio about the pressures for modern day women when it comes to dress and appearance.

She’s been giving her reaction to new research by Kaleidoscope.co.uk that found 82% of all women feel there is a stigma in society that pressures women of a certain age to dress a certain way.

There is a perception that more mature women aim to dress for comfort which is partially true as over a third (36%) of women over 45 have said that they need to dress comfort as they are constantly busy and running around.

However, almost half (48%) have said that while comfort is key, staying stylish is important too. For many this is problematic as almost half (47%) of women over 45 revealed that they struggle to find nice clothes that fit them properly, particularly when looking for the perfect pair of jeans, which almost a third of women (32%) have said are the hardest item of to buy when looking for the perfect fit.

They are also troubled with the rhetoric that women should dress more modestly once they hit their 40s, however
the research has shown that 91% of women dispute this. Even amongst family and friends women feel judged, with a quarter of women (23%) admitting that they have changed their outfit as a result of a friend or family member telling them that they are not dressed age appropriately.
This is leaving women with low confidence as 19% of women over 45 admitted they think if they dressed more
stylishly they would feel more confident.

Carole was speaking to North Derbyshire Radio and you can listen to her thoughts below.

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