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Campaign group calls on the Chesterfield public to take the Plastic Free July challenge.

Chesterfield-based campaign group, Plastic Free Chesterfield is calling on the community of Chesterfield to join the Plastic Free July challenge and make at least one swap away from single-use plastic throughout July.
The Plastic Free July challenge helps millions of people take small, daily actions and is proven to significantly avoid landfill waste and lower the risk of plastic polluting the environment.
Given the use of some single-use plastic for many takeaway items has increased over the last year during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a heightened sense of urgency to reinstate the positive progress made in reducing plastic waste and pollution.
To give people a helping hand, Plastic Free Chesterfield will be providing daily tips on their social media accounts throughout the month of July, as well as holding an advice and information stall on Chesterfield Market on Saturday 3rd July.
Greg Hewitt, Plastic Free Chesterfield Community Lead, said: “Plastic Free July is such a great opportunity for individuals & families, businesses, schools, colleges, and community groups & organisations to be able to think about what single-use plastic they’re using, and attempt the challenge to find and make at least one swap away. Anyone who contacts Plastic Free Chesterfield will be provided with friendly top tips and advice and we really hope that the Chesterfield community can join in this exciting challenge.”
Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, founder of the Plastic Free July challenge and one of the world’s leading plastic waste experts said: “Plastic Free July isn’t about drastic lifestyle change; it’s about being more conscious of the single-use plastics that you use day-to-day and taking small but smart steps to reduce them. Simple swaps could include switching to bar soap or avoiding plastic when you buy your fruit and vegetables. The majority of challenge participants started by choosing to refuse at least one single-use plastic but nine out of 10 ended up creating long-term habits that lasted far beyond the challenge itself.”
To sign up to be part of the Plastic Free July movement and learn more, visit www.plasticfreejuly.org.
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