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£750k grant for Markham Vale cycling route

A proposed walking and cycling route in area area of heavy commercial development has been awarded £750k of Government funding.

The cash means work can now start on the route around Markham Vale, which had already granted planning permission, but lacked the necessary funding to get it off the ground.

A Derbyshire County Council (DCC) report into the matter stated: “During the later stages of negotiating the East Midlands devolution deal, Government made available an amount of capital funding for housing and low-carbon projects, the major constraint being that as much as possible had to be drawn down during the financial year 2022-34.

“An assessment of the council’s infrastructure pipeline identified that only one project was able to meet the restrictive spend criteria – this is a walking and cycling route within Markham Vale linking the Environment Centre to the Seymour Link, which already benefits from full planning consent and sits on the capital programme.”

In accepting the grant, DCC Cabinet noted it covered all required activity on the project including fees and contingency, but not cover any cost overruns.

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